Am I ready for treatment?

July 27, 2022

Written by: Mike Patchuta, Peer Recovery Specialist at CASA-Trinity, Inc.

Deciding to seek help or enter treatment can be one of the biggest decisions a person ever makes.  There are a lot of thoughts and feelings behind that decision.

Judgement.  Fear.  Anxiety.  Embarrassment.

Those words are hard to read, and the feelings they name can be even harder to feel.

That’s where CASA-Trinity comes in.

We understand the difficulties and the challenges that those seeking treatment might be facing.  In fact, some of us have even faced some of those challenges ourselves.

When you enter a CASA-Trinity building, you enter a place that is free of judgment; a place that is working toward hope.  We understand that no person should be judged or defined by a poor decision or a bad day.  We hope that we can work together toward good days, and days full of promise.

Our counselors, peers and prevention educators are from all different walks of life, and we all have our own paths we’ve been following.  What we’ve found is that when we, or someone we know, are struggling, the path is much easier to walk when there is someone with you.  No matter your situation, CASA-Trinity will find someone you can work with to help you along your path.

We also understand that everyone’s journey of recovery is different.  We advocate for the best plan for each individual person and find a plan that works best.  If you want to have a picnic with a group of people in recovery, we can set that up.  If you’re looking for a self-help meeting to attend, we can find one for you (and then we can drive you there if you need us to!).

We also offer family support for those with loved ones who are in treatment, because we understand that addiction can have an impact on us all.

Stop in sometime. Have a cup of coffee.  Ask us some questions.  We are here to help, and we can help find the answers, together.

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