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Prevention Supervisor and Project Director for the Tioga ASAP Coalition:

Christina Olevano, MS, CPP

CASA-Trinity Prevention & Tioga ASAP Coalition

Our Owego, NY location is home to our Tioga County Prevention Education Team and the Tioga ASAP Coalition.

Prevention Education

The Prevention Education team works within the Tioga County school district and also offers Parenting Support to parents and guardians within the county. Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, so we try to provide various educational services to the community. By doing so, we can build resilience, grow relationships, and enhance protective factors at home.

You can read more about these services by clicking here.

Tioga County Advocacy, Support and Prevention Coalition (ASAP)

Was re-established in September of 2016 when community leaders stepped forward and wanted to find a local solution to the opioid and overdose epidemic. Coalition partners share a set of common values throughout their communities.

Many agencies, businesses, and individuals are involved in collaborative working relationships and routinely combine resources and share information.

Coalition partners have also worked together on different community assessments and assisted each other in collecting data. This helps assure that issues such as substance misuse and mental health remain a priority area of focus in Tioga County.

By working together, we strengthen community networks by connecting people to resources, encouraging youth leadership, and providing up to date information on a variety of current topics.

Collaboratively, we educate by increasing public awareness of the harmful effects of substance misuse, help parents recognize signs and symptoms, and teach adults how to talk to their kids, often about substance use.

One of our biggest goals is to spread awareness and reduce stigma in the community we serve, and we believe that education plays a big role in that.

We believe in data by collecting data to inform the direction of the coalition’s efforts and to provide an accurate picture of local conditions as the relate to substance misuse and risk/protective factors.

Leaning and relying on all of our community partners to assist in making sure we have the most current data. We especially thank our 6 county school districts for partnering with us on collecting youth data.