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Community Coalitions is another avenue for CASA-Trinity to engage out in its communities.

But, what is a Coalition? A Coalition is a group of people with a shared love for their communities, an alliance to ensuring safe and flourishing neighborhoods within their county.


These Coalitions are made up of stakeholders that have a passion for substance abuse prevention for youth.

Members include business owners, residents, retired school administrators, nurses, members of various organizations, and others.

By coming together to talk about current drug and alcohol trends, we can break down concerns, educate the community, and build relationships that further our prevention efforts.

The goals of each Coalition are to make sure that a well-rounded and positive strategy is created toward the prevention of substance abuse in schools and communities.

In addition, we also gather information from student surveys, adult/parent surveys, focus groups, and more; we can ensure that our strategies for change within the communities are accurate and credible.

Another segment of these efforts include educational opportunities, which is very important to us! From Workshops on Opioids, to town hall discussions, Recovery 5Ks, Cool Ride to the Prom, and so much more! Each Coalition plans and organizes these kinds of activities to encourage ongoing conversation and prevention.


Would you like to get involved? Find out more about a Coalition near you!

The Drug Free Community Coalition of Chemung County (DFCC)

We are always looking for more involvement! Please contact Anthony Hooks at ahooks@casa-trinity.org. You can also find the Coalition on Facebook, at @DrugFreeChemung.


Healthy Cattaraugus County Drug Free Community Coalition

A community-based coalition of county stakeholders who are passionate about educating local youth and the county as a whole, regarding the dangers of substance use and abuse.

Through collaboration from a dedicated group of volunteers, we are able to implement various prevention strategies that address a need within the county.

We continue to strive to be effective change agents in the county to reduce youth use of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and other substances.

Feel free to reach out to them via email at hcc@casa-trinity.org or check out their website, www.yourlife-yourchoice.com. You can also find them on Facebook at @yourlifeyourchoicehcc, or Instagram and Twitter at @healthycattco.


Appalachia Recovery Coalition

We are a substance use disorder and Mental Health Services Coalition and is comprised of eight organizations. These organizations serve a two-county area located in southwestern New York State on the Pennsylvania border.

These counties contain approximately 120,000 residents, and like many Appalachian communities has a very high rate of poverty, access to care difficulties and poor socioeconomic factors.

These organizations have an extensive history of collaborative efforts both at county and regional levels; each with a goal of reducing stigma and help those in their community.

Through the Coalitions Strategic Plan, major objectives and potential impact measures include:

  1. Improving quality of life by lowering the rates of substance abuse related problems
  2. Decrease the stigma of Substance Use Disorders
  3. Increase access to affordable services in the northern area
  4. Incorporate managed care
  5. And so much more!

Feel free to reach out to Katie Connors (kconnors@casa-trinity.org) for more questions or how to join in!