Connection is the key to recovery.

Whether it’s connecting people to our services or ones through other providers, it can be the make or break of someone’s recovery success story. In this video, you can see just how helpful it can be when partnering organizations and levels of care work together

Hornell, NY

Opened in 2019, our Inpatient and Detox Facility is located at 7309 Seneca Rd. North, Hornell, NY. The site offers a 28-day program. Detox is provided for opiates through a Buprenorphine taper when clients request complete detox without Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) or Vivitrol. Detox for a client with opiates who wishes to utilize Buprenorphine as a MAT process is another form of detox that we offer. More monitoring and specific medications are used to ease the client’s withdrawal effects. Within the facility, there are 30 beds. Once detox treatment is complete, the client is then transported via warm hand-off to a residential program or returns home and continues treatment in outpatient in their county of origin.