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Should you have any questions about the topics discuss, please email a Prevention Supervisor in your area!

Cattaragus County: Erica Sebastian, esebastian@casa-trinity.org

Chemung County: Erin Doyle,

Livingston County: Andrea Richter, arichter@casa-trinity.org

Tioga County, NY: Christina Olevano, colevano@casa-trinity.org

Our Prevention Podcast!

If it’s one thing that can be hard to do, it’s trying to explain ALL of the things that Prevention offers to schools and communities. Which is why we have started a Prevention Podcast!

Podcasts have gotten so popular and what better way to break down all things Prevention, than starting one of our own!

Each episode will speak to a different topic and allow you, the listener, to digest bits and parts at a time.

Enjoy and stay tuned to more episodes!

Check out this month’s Prevention Campaigns from CASA-Trinity!

Offering education and prevention awareness to various events and topics to help make communities safer.
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When it comes to chatting with someone, help is always available!

Here are some helpful numbers to have should you or a loved one need them. 

  • If you’re in a moment of distress or crisis, dial 9-8-8 to speak to someone.
  • Dial 2-1-1 to chat with someone in confidence and can offer various resources that may help with what you’re experiencing.
  • New York State residents who are currently clients of one of our clinics, call or text (607) 378-7479 to speak to a CASA-Trinity Peer Recovery Specialist. 

Be the MVP at your home during the big game!

Prepare the snacks, food, other plans for the upcoming big game, but don’t forget to keep alcohol away from minors. Defend and prevent underage drinking by having a proactive plan on where alcohol is stored. Less accessibility means less chances of youth sneaking it out while everyone is watching the game and hanging out.

Prevention is the best defense!

#NYMakeTheRightCall #BeTheMVP

Let’s talk about kindness!

Love is exploding everywhere, but a little reminder that Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 14-20th!

What are some ways that you try to show kindness to others? 

What are some ways that you show kindness to yourself?

What does kindness mean to you?

Tag us on socials with ways you’re showing kindness! @CASA-Trinity on Facebook!

Teachers and School Staff!!

As Random Acts of Kindness Week continues, we’re sending you lots of love, thanks, and admiration for all that you do!

Keep shining! You’re making a difference! Truly!


The CASA-Trinity Prevention Education teams


Prevention Awareness! One Pill…

DYK it only takes 2mg of fentanyl to cause serious harm or an overdose?

That amount equates to the tip of a pencil. Together, we can raise overdose awareness and protect our loved ones!

Thank you to our friends at Prevention Works, Inc. for teaming up with us for this! If you feel someone you know is at risk, give one of us a call!  

Prevention Works of Chautauqua County: (716) 664-3608

CASA-Trinity in Olean, NY: (716) 373-4303

Team Awareness Workplace Wellness

Or, as we like to call it, TAWW. Management and Leadership teams! Have you seen an increase with:

    • Employee stress, anxiety, and burnout?
    • Staff turnover rates and hiring challenges?
    • Productivity concerns?

Our Team Awareness Workplace Wellness Program offers:

    • Confidential business owner/leader discussions
    • Workshops for supervisors and employees
    • Presentations for coalition & community groups

Interested in learning more? Email Katie at kconnors@casa-trinity.org today!