Outpatient Clinic, COTI Program and Prevention
911 Stowell Street,
Elmira, NY 14901

Phone: (607) 737-5215
Fax: (607) 737-5219

Outpatient Clinical Supervisor:
Bailey O’Rourke, BA, CASAC-AD, CRPA

Outpatient Team Lead:
Linda Williams, BSW, CASAC-AD

Outpatient Team Lead:
Alicia Smalley, BS, CASAC

The clinic in Elmira has been in operation since 2009. The clinic offers prevention, evaluations, referrals, treatment, and relapse prevention for substance use disorders. There are different tracks of treatment based on the individual’s needs. The clinic offers medication assisted treatment (MAT), vivitrol and buprenorphine as tools to aid in recovery. The clinic aims to be on the leading edge of treatment for substance use disorders and uses technology as options for connection with Peer Specialists in the form of a mobile application. The clinic is located at 150 Lake Street, Elmira NY 14901.

The staff at the clinic is trained in the use of Evidenced Based Practices in both individual and group counseling. Clinical staff utilize a person-centered approach to treatment, where the client is part of the treatment planning and goal setting process. The Clinic offers a variety of group therapy based on a client’s recovery progress.

Groups include:

  • Stabilization (for client’s needing a higher level of care or anticipating to stabilize on MAT’s)
  • Early Recovery (first step of treatment after client is stable, with regards to group therapy)
  • Personal Recovery Skills (longest group placement, connection between emotion/beliefs/actions and behavioral modification)
  • Life Skills/Relapse Prevention (The last group stage, focusing on recreation of supportive therapeutic model in one’s own community environment).

There is also a women’s track specifically focused on Trauma-Informed Care and the Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model of treatment which begins in the Early Recovery stage of group work. There gender specific groups for all of the different stages of group work offered.

CASA-Trinity in Elmira offers 60 groups per week, at various time slots, to best accommodate client needs. The Elmira clinic also offers an orientation group in order to best acclimate new clients to the group process and allow for the process from evaluation to admission to occur generally within 1 weeks time. The Elmira clinic offers 80 evaluation slots per week, to include clients that come from higher levels of care and for teens. Elmira is able to accommodate emergency slots daily for a client in crisis situation. The clinic has a Peer Recovery Program that includes 2 peer specialists who can meet with clients both within the treatment facility and in the community. These recovery specialists are able to transport clients to detox and rehab and coordinate with local hospitals and agencies to help transport clients for emergency evaluations.

For more information about the CASA-Trinity Elmira Clinic, please call (607) 737-5215.