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Summer activities for families that can be done at home or around town!

Our Prevention Education teams have been hard at work, creating a list of fun ideas for families with kiddos, to stay busy over Summer Break! From activities that you can do at home for little to no cost, to getting out and exploring things in your community or nearby county. This summer, we’ve got you covered! 

Things to do at home:

      • Take a walk around the neighborhood for some fresh air or to play a game of “I Spy!”
      • Chalk the driveway or sidewalk! 
      • Create a garden or plant some flowers around the house. 
      • Dig out some water balloons, water guns, or even nerf guns!  
      • Get artsy with some and old shirt, flowers from the yard, and a hammer. Yes, you read this right. Lay out an old shirt onto a flat surface. Place the flower color side down on the shirt and lightly hammer the flower onto the shirt. The color and pattern from the flower will dye the fabric and turn that old shirt into something new!
      • Rainbow scavenger hunt- can be done inside or outside, have to find an item that matches each color of the rainbow 
      • Search for 4 leaf clovers around your yard.
      • Cooking/baking together- trying to include kids in the process any way they can, even if its just a small task.
      • Press flowers/leaves in between the pages of a book.  
      • Bird watch. 
      • Out of bubbles? Make some with supplies you already have! Simply mix 4 cups warm water, ½ cup sugar, ½ cup dish soap.
Chemung County, NY:

Livingston County, NY:

Cattaraugus County, NY:

Steuben County, NY: