Amnesty Program

The Amnesty Program is a collaboration between CASA-Trinity and the Livingston County Sheriff's Department. Here is how it works:

If you or a family member are struggling with drug addiction The Amnesty Program can help.

1. Voluntarily turn in your drugs and/or paraphernalia and you will NOT be arrested.

2. Call one of the following offices and mention the Amnesty Program:

  • The Livingston County Sheriff's Office (585-243-7100)
  • Livingston County Mental Health Services (585-243-7250)
  • CASA-Trinity (585-991-5012)
  • Livingston County DSS (585-243-7300) 

After the phone call, drop off the paraphernalia and/or drugs at the office that was called. You will NOT be arrested and WILL be scheduled for an immediate appointment at CASA-Trinity at either the Geneseo or Dansville office.

At CASA-Trinity, Hope starts here. 


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