Chemung County Jail Program

The Chemung County Jail program connects inmates who have struggled with drug and/or alcohol issues with a Chemical Dependency Counselor and a Peer Recovery Specialist. The goal of this program is to engage inmates in treatment services while they are incarcerated and provide a smooth transition to community services once an inmate is released. The clinical team can also help to refer inmates to a higher level of care. Our Peer Specialist can help provide door-to-door transportation to treatment.

All inmates are welcome to attend the gender-specific treatment groups that are held once a week. Assesmment is not required prior to attending. Groups cover a variety of topics such as healthy coping skills, addiction awareness, mindfulness, and introduction to support groups (NA, AA, Smart Recovery, etc.) in the community.

Any inmate can be assessed by our Chemical Dependency Counselor. The counselor completes a full intake screening and determines if an inmate meets the criteria for a substance use disorder. The counselor works alongside a variety of community services such as Drug Court, the District Attorney's office, Probation and various court systems. As a result, a complete referral to a higher level of care can be made, if necessary. The counselor helps to coordinate door-to-door transport once a release date is established. The counselor also helps inmates connect with outpatient services, if they meet criteria for that level of care. The appointments for follow-up care are able to be made prior to an inmate's release, so they have support established while they are transitioned from incarceration, back to their own community.


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