The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is youth focus and youth driven. The clubhouse provides a safe, friendly and fostering place for young people in recovery or at-risk for addiction to develop social skills that promote long-term health, wellness, and a drug-free life style.

The Clubhouse is for all youth (ages 12-17), living in Chemung County. The Clubhouse gives youth the opportunity to learn, grow, work together, and have fun while being Above the Influence of drugs and alcohol. The Clubhouse is an alcohol and drug-free space. The Clubhouse provides a community-based, non-clinical setting for the promotion of long-term recovery through skill building, recreation, education, wellness, evidence-based prevention programs and other social activities. The Clubhouse members work with and support each other to achieve personal and recovery-specific goals. A major component of The Clubhouse is the Youth Advisory Committee. The committee is where youth can be heard, have a voice and make decisions.

The Clubhouse offers a variety of programs from educational support to recreational fun. The Clubhouse is a place where youth pleasure in having fun and being themselves in a drug-free environment.

TC Commons Clubhouse is a program of CASA Trinity, Inc.


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