We are social beings. Interactions with others make us feel good and help us to learn more about ourselves. We learn kindness, tolerance and how to be assertive from other people. Under normal situations, we learn these things from our parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, friends and extended family. Simply put, contact with other humans teaches us to be human.

Social distancing is necessary during this time. We may find that we miss people that we usually see throughout the day. Social emotional skills (SEL) like empathy, conflict reolution and assertiveness are some of the things we learn from family, places of worship and school. When we are limited in social contact those skills may erode, just as academic skills may erode. 

CASA-Trinity has collected a number of resources that can be found here. These resources cover a variety of topics like empathy (think: emotional management, feelings, considerng another point of view), conflict resolution (think: managing disagreements/fights), assertiveness (think: how to ask for things without being annoying or rude) and problem solving (think: compromise, taking turns, win-win). These resources are simple and effective. However, life does not happen in a vacuum. The unexpected often comes up and life becomes complex. The resources are meant to help to navigate both.

If you have ideas or resources that you would like us to share with others, please use the contact form to let us know.


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