National Prevention Week

May 1, 2022

One of our favorites! National Prevention Week is the perfect time to raise awareness and education around different substances and how our communities can work together to ensure they don’t get into the wrong hands. Our friends at SAMHSA put together annual themes, activities, and more, to make things more fun! Visit to learn more!


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World No Tobacco Day

An annual event that falls on May 31st in efforts to challenge people not to smoke. We’ve learned so much about tobacco over the years, that Smoke-Free Coalitions have been very hard at work to ensure our communities go smoke free!

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Memorial Day Safety

Just like we do with St. Patrick’s Day, we want to ensure people are celebrating safely. Memorial Day is not any different, we, except it’s normally warmer out! For those in recovery, going to a BBQ with friends or family can be hard. They could be tempted or resort...

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