Sayre Clinic, PA

CASA-Trinity's newest outpatient clinic is located in rural Bradford County, PA.

CASA-Trinity currently provides the following services to Bradford and Sullivan County residents, as well as Southern Tier NYS Residents:

  • Evaluation: Clients deemed to be at high-risk are often able to be seen for evaluation and admission on the same day. Often patients are scheduled with the doctor or physician assistant during the same week.
  • Referrals: CASA-Trinity uses the Pennsylvania Client Placement Criteria to refer clients to appropriate levels of care.
  • Urine Drug Screening: CASA-Trinity offers random urine drug screenings for all clients on a frequent basis. The screening also includes pregnancy testing for all female MAT applicants.
  • Access to community resources: Each client is offered a packet to include a comprehensive listing of community resources, an updated listing of area community support groups, a brochure for the Center of Excellence Program, and a comprehensive list of coping skills that clients can utilize for self-care prior to admission.
  • Trauma Informed Care: CASA-Trinity offers 100% trauma screening at intake. Those found to have a notable history of trauma are offered integration into the Seeking Safety Group, and appropriate referral for ancillary mental health services. 
  • Level 1B IOP Groups: CASA-Trinity currently offers three Intensive Outpatient Group Tracks.
  • Level 1A OP Groups: CASA-Trinity currently offers four Outpatient Group Tracks.
  • Specialized Groups: CASA-Trinity has integrated a Seeking Safety Group for those with a history of trauma and a Recovery Maintenance Group for those who are in need of a step-down group to allow for focus upon relapse prevention.
  • Level .5 Group: CASA-Trinity offers an OP Mild Group for those with a Substance Use Disorder, Mild diagnosis.
  • Narcan Training: CASA-Trinity has a certified Narcan Trainer on staff to provide certification of the use of Narcan for all community members who request the service. CASA-Trinity employees are certified in the use of Narcan intervention.
  • Opiate Center of Excellence: CASA-Trinity offers free case management services to all Pennsylvania Residents with a history of opiate use. 

100 Henry St.
Sayre ,  PA  18840
Phone: 570-731-4534



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